Adams Gluten (Gluten Free) and Allergen Statement

Notes: Adams produces vanillas, extracts, and flavors that are 100% gluten free. Wheat is not used in any vanilla, extract, and flavor items (corn alcohol).

Many of Adams spice products are naturally gluten free. Adams does produce items that contain wheat in the spice manufacturing facility as well as uses equipment that processes both allergens and non-allergens.

However, Adams does follow a strict Cleaning & Sanitation Procedure, as well as Allergen Segregation Practices and Allergen Scheduling to ensure that all allergens such as wheat/gluten will not be cross-contaminated.

By using these practices it is unlikely that cross-contamination of wheat or other allergens in unacceptable levels will occur, though it is possible.

Any “dangerous grains” used in our products are clearly labeled in the ingredient statement of our items to ensure the safety of our customers.

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