Adams Product Safety Statement

Notes: You may have seen or heard recent media reports about the safety of certain spices herbs and seasonings.

AdamsŪ is a member of the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA) and currently imports spices based on ASTA and FDA safety guidelines. AdamsŪ requires that all spices and ingredients known to possibly carry harmful pathogens are pre-treated before entering our manufacturing facilities and all items must be tested and declared safe before being approved as an AdamsŪ product. In addition, AdamsŪ periodically performs 3rd party testing of potentially high risk spices.

AdamsŪ is proud to be a certified SQF level 2 Company and recipient of the 2013 IPM Partner Award honoring facilities for their dedication to integrated pest management (IPM).

For over 125 years AdamsŪ has worked hard to be unmatched in its record of delivering high quality and safe products. This is why it is important to purchase your spices, herbs and seasonings from only a trusted source.

AdamsŪ "The name you trust Since 1888"

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