High Altitude (High Elevation) Baking – ADAMS® “Original” 3-Layer Red Velvet Cake Kit

High-altitude baking is a complex subject and can be very tricky. The following suggestions can be used as a starting point, but your past experience should tell you what works best at your altitude. Try to adjust only one ingredient at a time, so you can isolate the effect it has. Be sure to keep notes on what you've done, and try the smaller adjustments first when a range is given.

Oven temperature : Increase 15 to 20°F
Baking time : Decrease by 5-8 minutes per 30 minutes of baking time
Sugar : Decrease sugar packet by 1-1 ˝ Tablespoons
Liquid : Increase Buttermilk by 1-2 Tablespoons or add 1 additional egg yolk
Flour : Add 1-2 tablespoons in addition to the Flour Mix packet

More resources and information on high elevation baking can be found in the Colorado State University High Altitude Food Preparation Guide.

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