Southern-Style Brunswick Stew | Adams Extract | Gonzales, TX

Southern-Style Brunswick Stew


Serves 8 - with leftovers to freeze


Calories 897, Total Fat 20.8g, Saturated Fat 6.9g, Cholesterol 313mg, Sodium 4729mg, Total Carbohydrate 55.6g, Dietary Fiber 10.9g, Total Sugars 12.6g, Protein 121.8g


Prep Time/Cook Time:

10 minutes / 2 hours 30 minutes

Cut up chicken and place in an 8-quart kettle with beef, spareribs, 2 1/2 quarts water,  salt and black pepper.  Cover and cook slowly for 2 hours or until meat falls off the bones and discard.  Cut chicken and meat into small pieces and return to the stock.  Add vegetables, remaining salt, and remaining ingredients.  Cook gently, uncovered, 30 minutes.  Freeze leftover stew for future use.