Chimichurri Rub

The flavor of the Argentinian classic meat sauce comes alive in our Chimichurri Rub. This rub is the perfect blend of parsley and garlic with a touch of spice for that perfect South American flair. Just add your favorite oil and red wine vinegar to make a delicious wet rub, marinade and condiment for grilled meats. Try a classic flank steak smothered in Chimichurri for an eating experience that will bring you back to the heart of South American cooking. Chimichurri is considered one of the original condiments for steak. Try this rub on your favorite steak for a burst of savory and tangy flavor.

Ingredients: spices, garlic, salt, olive oil and natural flavors.

This bottle contains 2.6oz of product.

Not available in California.
Not available in Vermont.

  • No Added MSG
  • This is a Kosher certified product
Chimichurri Rub
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