Jalapeno Ranch Seasoning

America's favorite flavor is ranch. This seasoning brings the combination of garden fresh flavors and buttermilk together with a spicy kick of Jalapeno. Try this awesome seasoning on roasted vegetables, chicken, baked potatoes and even popcorn. Take red potatoes, lightly coated in Rustico olive oil, generously season with Jalapeno Ranch and bake for the perfect side dish everyone in the house will enjoy.

Ingredients: onion, salt, garlic, buttermilk powder, spices, parsley, jalapeno, green onions, yeast extract, buttermilk flavor, lactic acid, citric acid, sodium diacetate, and natural flavors.

This bottle contains 5.5oz of product.

Not available in California.
Not available in Vermont.

  • No Added MSG
Jalapeno Ranch Seasoning
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