Seafood House All Purpose Rub

The perfect rub for everything seafood. This combination of garlic, cilantro, chives and shallots is great on or in everything seafood. If you are baking, grilling or sautéing this rub is the "house" favorite for fish, shrimp, salmon or scallops. Add a couple of tablespoons to all purpose flour or panko for a fish fry you will never forget!

Ingredients: garlic, sea salt, lemon powder (maltodextrin, lemon puree, citric acid, sugar and lemon juice), cilantro, parsley, minced green onions, shallots, lime flavor (sugar, maltodextrin, natural flavor, soy lecithin, silicon dioxide), white pepper and olive oil as a processing aid.

Bottle contains 3 oz.

Not available in California.
Not available in Vermont.

  • No Added MSG
  • This is a Kosher certified product
Seafood House All Purpose Rub
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