Saigon Sunrise Rub

Vietnamese flavors are a combination of cuisines from China, Thailand and French Imperialists. Garlic, ginger and soy sauce make up the heart soul of all classic Vietnamese food. Saigon Sunrise combines Chiles, Garlic, Fermented Soy sauce and Ginger with a perfect sweet and salty finish. This seasoning is great over rice dishes, chicken or fish. Sprinkle Saigon Sunrise generously over sautéed green beans for a gourmet side dish, sure to become your new "go to" recipe!

ingredients: Brown Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Garlic, Spices, Vinegar Powder, Shallots, Fermented Soy Sauce (fermented soy sauce [soybean, wheat], maltodextrin, salt) and Soybean oil and Silicon Dioxide added as processing aids.

Bottle contains 6.2 oz of product.

Not available in California.
Not available in Vermont. 

  • This is a Kosher certified product
Saigon Sunrise Rub
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