Ranchero Seasoning

What is Ranchero? It's all your favorite Tex-Mex flavors rolled into one seasoning. It's origins date back hundreds of years, when Spanish and Mexican recipes were combined with local Texas fare. Use this seasoning on all your favorite recipes for enchiladas, tacos and fajitas. Our favorite is the Tex-Mex classic SPANISH RICE. Place 1 cup of chicken stock, 1 cup of water and 1 Tablespoon of butter in a large sauce pan and bring to a boil. Add 1/4 cup ranchero seasoning and 1 cup of rice to pan cover tightly and reduce heat to low simmer till rice has absorbed all the liquid. Add some diced tomatoes or frozen peas for garnish if desired.

ingredients: Tomato Powder, Garlic, Salt, Bell Pepper, Onion, Spices and Silicon Dioxide added to prevent caking.

Bottle contains 6 oz of product.

Not available in California.
Not available in Vermont. 

  • No Added MSG
  • This is a Kosher certified product
Ranchero Seasoning
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